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Astrakhan (Winter) and other works

Dic Edwards

PaperBack (03 Aug 2005)

In the dramatic works Astrakhan (Winter), the fourth world and Manifest Destiny, Dic Edwards creates narratives from a troubled imagination which confront our comfortable, often complacent domesticity with a torn world whose conflicts we do much to fuel - from the fragile post -Soviet Russian Republics of the Caucasus, to Colombia, to the 'War on Terror' - before returning in the poems to that landscape of the metaphysic he shares with the great Thomas poets, Dylan and R S: Wales.

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ISBN13 9781840025965
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 164


'Dic Edwards intention is serious and comp[lex. In Charles's arrogant, and Helen's fumblingly earnest assumptions about Gustavo's life amid the murder and corruption of Latin America, we see First World misunderstandings about the Third World blunder into real pain.'
The Independent on 'the fourth world'