Page extent: 62
ISBN: 9781840021363
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Translated by Declan Donnellan
PaperBack (14 Oct 1999)
Thebes is under attack. In a bloody battle outside the city’s gates, the sons of Oedipus fight to the death. King Creon issues an edict: Eteocles, who nobly defended Thebes against his brother and the invading army, is to be buried a hero; the body of his treacherous brother must be left to rot. Antigone and her uncle are locked in conflict. With no burial rites, Antigone knows that her brother Polynices’ soul will be denied passage to the underworld and the gods will be offended. As the new king, Creon cannot ignore her actions - her defiance is a matter of national security.

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ISBN13 9781840021363
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 62



‘Every line of Donnellan’s version rings out loud and clear…it comes across both as stinging dialectic and as a tragic study in the denial of nature.’ Guardian