Page extent: 54
ISBN: 9781783198108
Binding: PaperBack
Male Cast: 3
Female Cast: 6



Translated by Anne Carson
PaperBack (12 Mar 2015)

When her dead brother is decreed a traitor, his body left unburied beyond the city walls, Antigone refuses to accept this most severe of punishments. Defying her uncle who governs, she dares to say ‘No’. Forging ahead with a funeral alone, she places personal allegiance before politics, a tenacious act that will trigger a cycle of destruction.

Renowned for the revelatory nature of his work, Ivo van Hove first enthralled London audiences with his ground-breaking Roman Tragediesseen at the Barbican in 2009. Drawing on his 'ability to break open texts calcified by tradition' (Guardian), the director now turns to a classic Greek masterpiece.

Additional Information

ISBN13 9781783198108
Female cast 6
Male cast 3
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 54


'A marvellous new translation by Anne Carson that crackles with canny colloquialism and insight' Arts Desk

‘Mademoiselle Binoche may be the big draw, but there’s more to it than that. Director Ivo van Hove goes for a modern-dress approach which, along with Anne Carson’s informal new translation, gives it a sprightly tone. Not rushed, though. The thing is played to the rhythm of a doleful, tolling bell and there are few moments when voices are raised or when anyone moves at a fast pace. Fate flows at the steady pace of lava.’ Daily Mail

‘Anne Carson’s translation... constantly surprises the ear’ Guardian

‘You hear Anne Carson’s wonderful new translation – supple, salty and vivid… And by making you aware of the act of listening, it becomes, in part, about the responsibilities of democracy… the play seems to offer a challenge: what would you do?’ Financial Times

‘It’s presented in a version by Anne Carson, the brilliant, prize-winning Canadian poet and rigorous classicist whose creative meditations between the ancient Greek and modern worlds are renowned for their spiky stimulation.’ Independent