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ISBN: 9781783199662
Binding: PaperBack


Josh Overton, Pub Corner Poets

PaperBack (18 Aug 2015)

'I’ll tell you what gets me riled up, what gets me dark and dirty, what Speaks to the Spiders living in my Soul and makeS me loSe my Shit'

Are you Angry? We are, so we wrote a play and stole a bass guitar which I’m sure we’ll fit in somewhere.

Written partially in verse; partially in rap but mostly in swear words ANGRY is not quite like anything you’ve ever seen but quite similar to a lot of different things you may have seen. Join us as we get loud, we get violent, we get furious beyond the government-approved safety level. We will shout at you, we will swear at you, we will spill our rage at the world upon you... but we expect nothing less than the same in return.

Winner of The Sunday Times Playwriting Award 2015, ANGRY is the rallying cry of a generation with nothing left to say; part gig, part drinking game and not for the faint of heart.

ANGRY has courted controversy across the country with its poetry-cum swearword script and its punk-funk music stylings. Come watch a bunch of twenty somethings in their pants, punch drums and each other to the rhythms of their inner children crying. Described as 'The most important thing I've seen at NSDF, in any year' in Noises Off magazine, ANGRY promises to be a night worth remembering.

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ISBN13 9781783199662
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 112


'It’s hard to define exactly what Angry is – certainly, it has enough of a script for it to be considered a play but it’s also a punk gig, a cabaret piece, performance poetry and something vaguely autobiographical. It’s also brilliant and not for the faint hearted.' Theatre Bubble

'Angry was funny, energetic in style, laidback in structure, and succeeded in making me think about those weird, dirty, angry parts of myself that make me human.' Hull Fire

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