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ISBN: 9781786822116
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All the President's Men?

Nicolas Kent

PaperBack (24 Apr 2017)

The U.S. Senate’s 2017 confirmation process for President Trump’s Cabinet. It forensically reveals the ethics, beliefs and philosophy behind four key Cabinet figures: Rex Tillerson, the former CEO of Exxon, now Secretary of State responsible for America’s foreign policy; Attorney-General Jeff Sessions, a leading campaigner for the President and now his chief law officer; Dr Tom Price, a strident critic of Obamacare now Health Secretary and Scott Pruitt, a climate change sceptic confirmed as Director of the Environmental Protection Agency.

The appointment of these men will have huge implications. They will lead the administration’s policy on Russia, the Middle East, Iran and North Korea, on human rights worldwide, on the Paris Climate control agreement, as well as on the civil rights and the health of millions of Americans.

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ISBN13 9781786822116
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 96


'Riveting and chilling... Entailing grueling and brilliant cross examinations, Democrats and Republicans ask tough questions with often evasive responses... If these hearings were fiction they would be comical, but they are tragically factual... the piece was stunningly real. The questioning was brilliantly precise and engrossingly astute, perceptive, penetrating and at times stingingly witty. An impressive work and an important statement about a highly alarming and dangerous situation, All the President’s Men should be performed not once or twice, but often. It needs to be seen.' The Upcoming ★★★★

'One of the most exciting things to happen recently in British theatre has been the development of tribunal plays... Now Nicolas Kent, who did so much to pioneer the form, has resurrected it to air the US Senate’s confirmation hearings of four of Donald Trump’s key political appointees. The result, jointly presented by the National Theatre and New York’s Public Theater, was given a one-night rehearsed reading that left me torn between admiration for the American democratic process and despair at the fitness for office of the candidates themselves... [the play] shows there is much to be said, in a democracy, for hearings into public appointments. It reminds us of the fallibility of Trump’s judgment. It also confirms that theatre has the unique capacity to reveal politics in action. I just wish that these hearings, tightened and trimmed, could get more than a one-night stand in the West End.' Michael Billington, The Guardian ★★★★