Page extent: 96
ISBN: 9781783190591
Binding: PaperBack

Adult Supervision

Sarah Rutherford


'I keep trying to find something a bit exotic in my family tree. Best I could do was a great‐grandma who looks a bit tanned in the old photos.'

US election night 2008. A smart inner‐London 'village'. For white ex‐lawyer Natasha, adoptive mother to two Ethiopian children, tonight is the ideal opportunity to get to know the small handful of other 'mothers of children of colour' at their smart private school. But as the Obamatinis start to flow, the middle‐class veneer begins to crack and Natasha's carefully planned social occasion quickly unravels. Lifting the lid on a stew of racial tensions and social embarrassments, this is a hilarious, provocative and brilliantly insightful look at the new 'Beige Britain'.

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ISBN13 9781783190591
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 96


‘Sarah Rutherford’s play turns out to be a splendidly funny and often downright raucous comedy - a kind of Abigail’s Party for the metropolitan, multicultural 21st century.’ Telegraph

‘Mixed-race, middle-class families get barely a look-in in stage drama. So all the more reason to welcome Sarah Rutherford's new play which takes a very funny, provocative and well-informed look (she herself has two children by a black partner) at "Beige Britain" and its racial and social tensions.’ Independent

 'Rutherford’s written the London equivalent of Clybourne Park... Fiercely funny stuff.' Time Out