Page extent: 88
ISBN: 9781786823083
Binding: Paperback


Anna Ziegler

Paperback (31 Oct 2017)

At a raucous party during their freshman year at Princeton, Tom and Amber connect in ways that seem innocent enough at first. But as things progress, they find themselves in murky territory, with ramifications that could affect the rest of their lives.

What actually happened between them? 

Additional Information

ISBN13 9781786823083
Binding Paperback
Page Extent 88


“Gripping. Beautifully rendered and complex... Destined to trigger discussion.” The Los Angeles Times

“Wrenching. Ziegler’s riveting new drama…creates a portrait of a generation… With consummate skill, the playwright assembles [an] intricate jigsaw puzzle.” The Boston Globe

“Smart and penetrating… A top-notch narrative that travels beyondthe hot-button issue of date rape it tackles. The characters…are asfinely etched as in a good novel, and as satisfying.” LA Weekly

“Crafted with compassion, intelligence and insight…Ziegler writes dialogue that is equal parts humor and poignancy…It is not to be missed.” Theatermania