Page extent: 288
ISBN: 9781783190089
Binding: PaperBack

Acting Shakespeare's Language

Andy Hinds


In this inspirational new manual, Andy Hinds shares what he has learnt over thirty years of teaching the speaking and acting of Shakespeare’s texts. In simple steps he brings the reader to a full understanding of how Shakespeare’s language ‘works’, lucidly outlines a number of practical guidelines, and provides simple, test-proven exercises to put each guideline into practice.    

Key points include:

Acting Solo Speeches | Pronunciation | Imagery and imagistic language | Acting Shakespeare’s Verse | Acting Shakespeare’s Prose | Breathing

The essential guide for all actors, students, teachers or directors tackling Shakespeare’s plays or speeches and wishing to release the full dramatic power of his words. 

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ISBN13 9781783190089
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 288


'Andy Hinds' book fits into the category of books that help someone - chiefly in this case an actor - find their way through. This book has clearly been written by someone who is an expert in his field... One of the advantages of this book is that , unlike some of the other books of this type that I have read, this one doesn't offer itself as a programme to work through. Whilst you could do that if you wanted, this book is neatly divided into short, clearly labelled sections that you can quickly find the sort of things you're looking for... In the end this is a useful addition to the collection of books on speaking Shakespeare... It's a lively read and a useful one. Pop it on your wishlist.' Drama Magazine

'Andy Hinds offers a rich and detailed path towards a precise contact with the challenge of speaking and inhabiting Shakespeare's language. This book is an immensely useful resource for anyone teaching, speaking and acting Shakespeare.' Ralph Fiennes

'Even highly experienced and knowledgeable readers will encounter new ideas or practices throughout the entirety of the book.... a major practical tool for actors, directors, students, teachers and Shakespeare aficionados... this book could be considered a primary source of knowledge and practice in Shakespearean performance. Highly recommended.' Marc Silberschatz, Scottish Journal of Performance

'Especially interesting on the shifts in language in Shakespeare’s plays  and what they accessible, thorough book' The Stage

'It is to this book's enormous credit that it focuses in depth on the nuts and bolts of getting lips and heads around the intricacies of verse-speaking without either shirking the difficulties or becoming stilted and dull... I wish I'd had this book when I was acting - I'm delighted to have encountered it as a teacher.' Teaching Drama

‘This really is the must have manual for all actors... Key areas covered in the book include: acting solo speeches; pronunciation; imagery and imagistic language; acting Shakepseare’s verse and prose, and breathing. The detail in which each of these areas is addressed is phenomenal, making this an exceptional, hands-on and useful technical handbook.’ Ink Pellet

‘Brilliantly practical and precise in exploring the ways students/actors (young and old) can get to grips with the extraordinary language of Shakespeare in a real way.’ Ciarán Hinds, Actor

‘The complete “Acting Shakespeare” toolkit. Ideal for any actor or student preparing speeches for auditions.’ Joely Richardson, Actor

Acting Shakespeare’s Language is having your own personal acting coach at your fingertips. This book is an essential.’ Kenneth Noel Mitchell, Tisch School of the Arts at NYU

‘This is an immensely useful book.’ Geoff Bullen, Associate Director at RADA

‘Ideal for lone study, for coaching one to one,or teaching in a class or group.'Colm Hefferon, Lecturer in Drama Education at Dublin City University

'Refreshing, energetic, witty and entirely practical... I would highly recommend the book for its sustained energy and practical knowledge that is readily combined with an accessible approach.' Peter Jolly, Head of Drama at Dulwich College


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