Page extent: 140
ISBN: 9781840029574
Binding: PaperBack

How to do Accents (Second Revised Edition)

Edda Sharpe, Jan Haydn Rowles

PaperBack (09 Jan 2009)

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This unique book offers a complete course in how to do any accent and also gives you the tools to navigate your way through a specific accent. Using solid technical know-how, clear practical steps, real-life examples, and the occasional dose of humour, the Haydn/Sharpe System brings to the surface the underlying structure of accents. The authors share the processes that they, as specialist dialect coaches, have developed, to give you the insight, tools and confidence to work with accents.

Includes Free Online Code to access detailed exercises and sample sentences – giving you the sounds you need to get your accent skills going! Also includes ready-to-use resource recordings of the following accents:

Norfolk (NEW), Yorkshire (NEW), Standard Canadian (NEW), Standard Australian (NEW), Standard American, Northern Irish (Belfast), Southern Irish (Cork), Scottish (Glasgow), Newcastle, Manchester, Liverpool, South Wales (Swansea), West Midlands (Walsall), Cockney, Neutral Standard English, Contemporary ‘Street’ London (NEW),  Cornish (NEW)

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ISBN13 9781840029574
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 140


'Overall I was delighted by how useable the book is. No more trips to see £85 per hour dialect teachers, it’s all here in the book. I am hoping for a sequel- how to do foreign accents.' LM Lewin, Drama Magazine

`At last! A really practical (and fun) guide to accent training. I recommend it to all actors and voice teachers’ Jeannette Nelson, Head of Voice, National Theatre

`This excellent and easy-to-follow guide will be invaluable to professionals and students alike.’
Lyn Darnley, Head of Voice and Artist Development, Royal Shakespeare Company