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ISBN: 9781849431811
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A Walk in the Woods

Lee Blessing

PaperBack (01 Oct 2011)

Set in the midst of the Cold War, Lee Blessing’s powerful and startling play dramatises a stand-off between U.S. and Soviet arms negotiators as they battle for supremacy. Full of tension and humour A Walk in the Woods shows how the relationship between the two experts evolves as they stroll in the woods above Geneva, away from the glare of the negotiating table. But will this escape lead to a true breakthrough or just more posturing?

In this revised version of the play, originally performed at Northern Stage, Vermont, and directed by Nicholas Kent, a woman plays the role of the U.S. negotiator.

Opens at The Tricycle Theatre 12th October- 12th November 2011.

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ISBN13 9781849431811
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 72


‘A work of passion and power with the ring of political truth.’ Time Magazine

‘A minor miracle.’ New York Magazine

'A riveting study in the way two opposed people try (or not) to clamber out of ideological stalemate... Blessing cleverly keeps us guessing with a taut script.' Metro