Page extent: 136
ISBN: 9781783198320
Binding: PaperBack

A Good Clean Heart

Alun Saunders

PaperBack (01 Aug 2016)

“This one time, I just know she’s gonna hit the roof. I just put you in the pushchair and get out the place quick as I can. Neighbours all out on the balcony wonderin’ what’s happenin’, and this eight-year-old kid’s walkin’ past ‘em all smilin’ with a kid in his pushchair, like tha’... “Mornin’! Mornin’!” 

This brand new bilingual play by young playwright Alun Saunders is a coming of age story about two brothers raised apart, in different families speaking different languages. With animated surtitles in both languages that move around the set and even onto the actors’ bodies, this is a funny, moving play and truly accessible for Welsh and non-Welsh speakers alike.

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ISBN13 9781783198320
Binding PaperBack
Page Extent 136


‘Alun Saunders’ writing here is stunning. There is a poetic balance struck between both languages, Welsh and English, as the rhythms and musicality of each are observed and beautifully woven together to create this heady world of inter-culturality. It is the language(s); both in their similarities and differences that set up the connections between the estranged siblings, giving the audience pause to ponder this nationalistic divide with our closest neighbours. Saunders has managed to create something both local and universal and he must be applauded for it.’ The Public Reviews ★★★★★