ISBN: 9781840020588
Binding: PaperBack

Century of Theatre, A

Ruth Leon, Sheridan Morley

PaperBack (31 Dec 1899)
In this personal chronicle, Sheridan Morley and Ruth Leon trace the history of the plays and the people who made the world of twentieth-century theatre. This is the story of our stage, of its actors, directors and dramatists, and of the most remarkable generation of classical player kings and queens that the world has ever known, from Olivier to Gielgud, by way of Redgrave, Richardson, Ashcroft, Thorndike and Evans, to the later generation of McKellen, Finney, Bates, Rigg and Smith. Informal and informative, A Century of Theatre highlights theatre events for each year, as well as providing a review of other events that year which changed drama history.

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ISBN13 9781840020588
Binding PaperBack


"The perfect gift for theatre buffs. Nicely illustrated, it’s full of lists of premieres, births and deaths, and is engagingly penned" Independent