ISBN: 9781783190584
Binding: PaperBack

A Boy and His Soul

Colman Domingo


Where do you get SOUL? From watching your parents sell the house you grew up in? From discovering the family secret about your crazy cousin? Or from the childhood records found in your parents’ basement? From Stevie, Aretha, Marvin, Chaka, Barry, Gladys…and Colman.  Propelled by the beat of classic soul, smooth R&B and disco, this is the soundtrack of a boy’s coming of age in 70s and 80s Philadelphia.


A Boy and His Soul was the recipient of the Lucille Lortel Award Best Solo Show, GLAAD Media Award Best Play On or Off Broadway and the ITBA Best Solo Show awards.

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ISBN13 9781783190584
Binding PaperBack


‘A blazingly charismatic performer’  The New York Times

'personal, poignant and pungent… [an] evocative, moving piece about a man who finds himself and a large part of his identity through music.'  The Stage

'a beautiful and tender one-man show… Indeed though the words are different, this beautiful, funny and tender show seems to prove the truth of Larkin’s tentative assertion that “what will survive of us is love” – even though Larkin preferred Louis Armstrong and Sidney Bechet to Aretha Franklin and Marvin Gaye. But then the greatest jazz men had soul, too.'  Daily Telegraph

'its sprinkling of sharp observations coupled with a heartfelt love for the music makes A Boy and His Soul hard to resist.'  Whats On Stage

‘the characters created by Domingo… are so colourful, so likeable, so simply yet vividly embodied… it is difficult to resist.’ Official London Theatre

'...leaves you yelping for more.' Observer