ISBN: 9781783191581
Binding: PaperBack


Dameon Garnett


At seventeen years old, Scott is facing a future that is as uncertain as his past. The death of his adopted mother throws his life into chaos, and now he finds himself having to fit in with a new middle-class family, and the birth-mother he never knew. Class differences soon reach fever pitch, and guilt has the winning hand. Whoever thought change would be this difficult, and what is Scott hiding under the bed?

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ISBN13 9781783191581
Binding PaperBack


‘In many ways, this is quite a subtle picture of the problems in reconciling difference of culture and outlook at close quarters, though dramatist Dameon Garnett does not spell them out. His naturalistic dialogue and the personalities of these characters don’t allow for much open discussion about it, but the script leaves space for the cast to play what they find without having to spell it out.’ – British Theatre Guide

‘Garnett’s writing is rich with everyday humour, funny yet truthful.’ – The Public Reviews

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